Meet the Einstein Middle School Fine Arts and Administrative Team!

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Mr. Joe Bernhardt - Associate Principal
Mr. Bernhardt comes to Einstein Middle School from Seymour, WI, where he taught Math and Science and served as Assistant to the Principal for many years. In Middle School, he was a percussionist in the Band. This is his third year as Einstein's Associate Principal. He is a big fan of the San Francisco 49ers.

Mrs. Sarah Boge - Art

Mrs. Boge feels fortunate to teach art at Einstein. Ever since she was a little girl she has loved making things with her hands. Mrs. Boge still creates her own art as well as coming up with new and fun lessons for her students. She realizes how important the arts are to her students and values the process more than the product. When Mrs. Boge is not at school she enjoys painting, ceramics, running, biking, reading and gardening. Mrs. Boge has a husband, two creative daughters, and a dog named Benvolio.

Mr. Eli Grover - Band, Orchestra

Mr. Grover has known since Middle School that he wanted to be a band teacher, and is glad he's at Einstein! This is his second year as Einstein's Band and Exploratory Music teacher. Mr. Grover went to Lawrence University to study Music Education and Physics. He likes creating music of all kinds, including body percussion and Balinese Gamelan. When he's not making music, he's disc golfing, cooking, or riding his bicycle.

Ms. Jaclyn Kottman - Choir, 8th grade Exploratory Music
This will be my third year teaching the Einstein Choirs. I also teach the Choirs at Classical School and the Arioso choir in the Lawrence Academy of Music Girl Choir program. I think I was always “destined” to be a music teacher (though everyone else – including my own parents and teachers – knew it before I did!) and feel it is not only what I do but part of who I am. I have taught at a variety of schools in Appleton and also love traveling to make music in other places – I have spent two summers living and teaching with a Music Theatre nonprofit in the Costa Rican mountains, and also did a portion of my Student Teaching in New Zealand. This summer I was proud to be part of the Music Education Team for the 3rd annual Mile of Music Festival, and enjoyed accompanying the North Choir (11th-12th grade mixed ensemble at Appleton North High School) on their tour to Ireland, which included several Einstein graduates!

I moved to Appleton from Atlanta, GA in 2008 to attend Lawrence University. After graduating with a Bachelors of Music degree in Choral/General Music Education and a minor in Religious Studies, I fell in love with this community and feel grateful to be able to put down roots here. Appleton is truly a unique place in the way people treat each other and in our support for the arts. Through their comprehensive musical education, I hope my students can grow to value the arts as an important part of their lives and communities, as well.

I love working with Middle Schoolers because of their vitality and curiosity. 7th and 8th graders are at such an exciting time in their development as musicians and people, and they can make truly awesome music! I believe that we are all musicians, and that everyone is a singer (it’s the first thing we do when we are born!). By playing our “internal instruments” together, we deepen our connection with ourselves and each other, and expand our understanding of shared human history and experience. I hope for Einstein singers to become thoughtful musicians who understand the context and value of the music we make in both their education and their lives.

Mr. David Mueller - Principal

Mr. Mueller was born and raised in the Fox Valley and spent most of his schooling in Oshkosh. After graduating from UW Oshkosh, he worked as a teacher for four years at Winnebago Health Institute’s Waterwood School (WMHI), Oshkosh - an alternative K-12 education setting for students with significant mental and behavioral problems - teaching high school students struggling with drug addiction and suicidal ideation. After that, he was a Special Education teacher for four years in Appleton at Janet Berry Elementary.
Mr. Mueller has been an administrator for 11 years - for three years, he was the Education Director at Winnebago Mental Health Institute; after that, he was the Associate Principal at Appleton North High School and the Principal of the Appleton Career Academy for seven years, a charter school that focuses on 21st skill development in the areas of health, design, and businesses/marketing. This is Mr. Mueller's second year as the Principal of Einstein Middle School and he loves every minute of his job. He enjoys spending time with his family and is amazed at how fast they grow and learn. Their family hobbies include boating, fishing, traveling, and all types of sports. He currently resides in the Fox Valley with his wife Jennifer and two children, Alex who is seven and Ava who is three.